Together we can….

Artists from different parts of the World, are coming together for “Together we can” exhibition. The main objective of the exhibition is help the flood effected families of Kerala. 50% of the sale will go directly for this charity initiative.


Organized by Funun Arts

Supported Hyperlinks Media & Ghinwa Restaurant

Location: Flora Hotel, Al Barsha

Opening night- 20th September, 2018

Time: 7:00- 10:00 pm

Exhibition will be there till 22nd September, 2018


Participating Artists

  1. Shiba Khan- India
  2. Zeinab Yehya- Egypt
  3. Elizabeth Bruce- Scotland
  4. Ahmed Rukhni- UAE
  5. Afshan Queraishi- India
  6. Saima Hasan- India
  7. Yuvika Garg- India
  8. Kavita Sriram- India
  9. Varsha Surekha- India
  10. Sonu Sultania- India
  11. Pari Sagar- India
  12. Samar Kamel- Egypt
  13. Sunita Vasant- India
  14. Habiba Mughal- Pakistan
  15. Fayzeh Haddad- Jordan
  16. Noura Mostafa- Egypt
  17. Maria Faridi- Pakistan
  18. Taiyyaba Aziz- Pakistan
  19. Ahsan Khan- India
  20. Maya Esta- Canada
  21. Shikha Gupta- India

#togetherwecan  #doforkerala  #keralaflood  #rebuildkerala


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