Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs and exposure to the arts and culture is enormously valuable.
Funun Arts brilliantly experienced during the cultural tour of Doha organized by QIAF 2021

After the pandemic this was a wonderful way of meeting so many creative people on one platform.

It was the time when all artists socialize with each other and explore the regions rich heritage. From National Museum of Qatar, Museum of Islamic Arts, Football Stadium, Al Shaqf to Souq Waqif… and many more interesting places. Artists appreciated the mesmerizing architecture of the museum and also the beauty of Arabian Horses at Al Shaqf.

The Souq Al Waqif is definitely a place for everyone. So colorful and rich…. Art seems to be in every corner of this heritage market. The tour ended with the lavish Dinner at Soug Waqif.

Thanks a lot to Rashmi Aggarwal, the event head of QIAF, Founder & President of MAPS International WLL for making us a part of this Mega event.

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